Wilson's School

Exam Results

A2 Results 2017

Headline Statistics

  • There were 140 students in the Upper Sixth
  • The pass rate was 100%
  • 31.43% of entries obtained an A* grade
  • 44.51% of entries obtained an A grade
  • 75.95% of entries obtained an A*-A grade
  • 20.68% of entries obtained an B grade
  • 96.62% of entries obtained grades A*-B
  • 55.00% students obtained 3 or more A*-A grades

Government Performance Information (2017)

  • Progress students made in comparison with students across England: 0.31
  • Average grade that students achieved at Wilson’s: A (please note that we only offer A level qualifications at Wilson’s)
  • Student ‘retention’ (the percentage of students who get to the end of their study programme): 99%
  • In 2015 (the most current data the government has released) 92% of the Upper Sixth went on to further education, training or employment at the end of their studies. Please note that these figures do not include students on planned gap years or those studying abroad and are therefore incomplete. Our own internal tracking suggests that 100% went onto further education, training or employment within 18 months of leaving the school.

Please note that all students enter the Sixth Form with the national requirements for English and Mathematics. The school does not have any students re-sitting GCSE English and or Mathematics in the Sixth Form.

More detail about the school’s 16-19 results can be found by accessing the performance tables on the DfE website.
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GCSE Results 2017

Headline Statistics

  • There were 152 students in Year 11
  • The pass rate was 100.00%
  • 57.2% of entries obtained an A* grade
  • 30.1% of entries obtained an A grade
  • 87.3% of entries obtained grades A*-A
  • 55.3% students obtained 5 or more A* grades
  • 3 students obtained the highest grades in all their subjects

Government Performance Information (2017)

  • Progress 8 Score: 0.90
  • Attainment 8 Score: 79.4
  • 100% of students achieved 9–5 in Mathematics and English
  • 85% of students were entered for, and 85% achieved, the English Baccalaureate. Those who chose not to study History or Geography were studying equally academic GCSEs, including Latin and a second foreign language
  • 100% of students went on to education, employment or training after Year 11
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