Wilson's Alumni

HELLO AND WELCOME to the website for all Alumni of Wilson's School (or Old Wilsonians, as they're also known). If you're looking for the Old Wilsonian Sports Clubs website, then please follow this link.

We would like this website to be a place for you to get back in touch with your old school, your old school friends and your old school teachers. If you've got any news you'd like us to know about then please send us an email. Equally, if you have any photographs of your time at the school then we would love to see them.

As well as providing you with a way of getting in touch with lost friends, we will also be hosting a number of events every year that will give you the opportunity to come and see the school as it is today in an informal setting. These will also give you the opportunity to meet some of the current students, as well as help support their learning and professional development.

We will be working with the Old Wilsonian Sports Clubs to bring together all Old Wilsonians, whether your interests were in sport, drama, art, academics, science, music or something else!

Please note that the Alumni Office has been closed, so this website is now being hosted by the Wilson’s School site.
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A word from Clive Peckover

Welcome, or welcome back, to the Alumni website. I hope you find it a helpful way of seeing what’s happening at Wilson’s. We are always pleased to hear from old boys and to see them at one of the occasional reunion events we run, including through the Old Wilsonians’ Association, of which you are automatically a member. The OWA Sports Club at Hayes Hill, near Bromley, is also a great place to meet up: you are welcome to drop in there at any time. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, may I wish you well with it. And do stay in touch.

Clive Peckover
Chair of the Wilson’s Trust and Foundation