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Previous issues going back to 1926. There are quite a few gaps; if you have any that we are missing, please get in touch!


Programmes, photos and videos of most productions are available on the school web site (Drama Archive). If you have any that we are missing, please get in touch!


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CCF Parade and Camp, 1960-1
Days of Wonder Italy tours 1962/3 with Douglas Opie and Geoff Taylor
Conflict 1970 Film Club Project
The Trouble with Spooks 1971 Film Club Project
Talybont Summer Camp 1972 filmed by David Jefferson
The Wilsonian’s Progress 1972 Film Club Project
Italy Tour 1977 filmed by David Jefferson
Greece Tour 1978 filmed by David Jefferson
Wilson’s School 1987 Footage of the school buildings 12 years after the move to Wallington
First Year Carol Service 1987 with Martin Knight and David Jefferson
Greece and Italy Tour 2001 filmed by Jeff Shaw
Wilson’s Goes West 2002 (Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, etc.)
Greece and Italy Tour 2004 filmed by Jeff Shaw
Golden West Tour 2005 (San Francisco, Yosemite, etc.); 15 seconds of fame
Sicily and Italy Tour 2008 filmed by Jeff Shaw
Greece Tour 2011 filmed by Jeff Shaw
Italy Tour 2012 filmed by Jeff Shaw
Turkey Tour 2014 filmed by Jeff Shaw