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Geography Society

"Will permafrost end the world?" "What is the history behind the Hong Kong protests?" "Why haven't the Dutch drowned?" These are just a few of the presentations that have been made for Geography Society this term. Geog Soc is a club that meets every Tuesday lunch in Room 24 and each week someone makes a presentation about a topic that interests them. This could be something to do with the curriculum or just any topic that they find interesting. This allows people to build a presentation on something they find genuinely interesting to research and present. Then at the end the speaker can answer any questions about their talk; usually Mr Sturt exposes them to a barrage of queries based on his expansive knowledge. We even had a talk from two returning Wilsonians who are now in their first year at university. This attracted a significant number of staff members to see if they had actually been learning anything during their first year away from the school. Geog Soc is a great way to spend lunchtime as you can eat, learn something, or even make the effort of doing a presentation yourself. This week two Old Wilsonians and Geography students came to speak about some of the exciting topics they have been learning about at University (pictured).


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