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Pride Club

Pride club has been meeting every Monday lunchtime in the 1880 room this term, and continues to be a safe space for LGBT+ students and allies to meet, socialise and discuss matters important to them. Popular topics up for discussion this term have included the representation of the LGBT+ community in the media, bi-phobia and what it's like to be in the LGBT+ community and a student at Wilson's. Discussion is usually quite free and we tend to tailor what we speak about to reflect the news or issues that attendees bring up. Last week, however, we had a more structured talk about LGBT+ specific Sex and Relationships Education to coincide with PHSE lessons.

We are lucky to have two new teachers helping to run Pride Club this year; Biology teacher Miss Roberts and from RE and Philosophy, Mr Lynch. When asked what he thought about Pride Club and our approach to LGBT+ support at the school, Mr Lynch said "Having worked in two schools where there was little to no support given to LGBTQ+ students, coming to Wilson's has felt like a breath of fresh air. From Pride Society to rainbow lanyards and conversations both formal (such as PSHE lessons) and informal between a whole range of members of our school community, Wilson's is genuinely committed to tackling prejudice, offering hope, and promising unrelentingly that things can and will get better for all, LGBTQ+ or otherwise."

In the Spring Term we are looking to run a Pride Club theatre trip and would like to host some outside speakers. If you or anyone you know would like to come in and speak to the club, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ms Banner or Mr Sturt.


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