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Student Investor Challenge

Four teams from Wilson's are amongst the semi-finalists for this year's Student Investor Challenge, which commences on the 17 February. This is an excellent result given the fact that they are in the top 8% of the 6490 teams which participated in total. In the First Round of the competition, teams were given a virtual portfolio of £100,000 with which they could simulate buying shares in FTSE100 companies and Exchange Traded Funds. In the Semi – Finals, the boys will have to accurately predict, for four weeks, the Friday closing price of different stocks and ETFs. Should the boys progress to the finals, they stand a chance of winning a trip to New York. Our congratulations go to Crash and Burn, Scottimus Prime, The Wall Street Crashers and Noah Ark.

Pictured above: Representatives of the teams, from left to right: Harry, Dhillon, Shanjay, Marcus, Arjun, Kavin, Akshayran, Ethan, Visnu, Shantos and Ayush


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