Wilson's School


In Drama & Public Speaking lessons at Wilson’s:

  • We enjoy performing, speaking, listening and reading.
  • We work hard to develop our skills in performing, devising, improvising and speaking.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to share their views and express themselves.
  • We are encouraged to work with others and to collaborate.
  • BUT we also work individually and specifically on projects we care about.
  • We investigate the necessity for the spoken word and appreciate how others have used it.
  • We appreciate verse and prose and seek to master it.
  • We respect the subject as vital in our lives and to the lives of others.
  • We explore theatre through time and intention – we leave no stone unturned in that pursuit.
  • We acquire the skills to write interesting and challenging theatre.
  • We leave the lessons keen to investigate further the ideas of great dramatists and speakers.
  • We are inspired by the teachers' passion for the subject.

Our Staff

Mr B Kavanagh (Director of Drama)
Mrs D Straw (Drama and Music Technician)

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