Wilson's School

Pupil participation and wellbeing

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REACHING OCTOBER HALF TERM provides a great opportunity to review some of the highlights and achievements since the start of term. Last week, we heard that the Wilson’s team had won the Army Cadet Force/Combined Cadet Force (Army) Military Skills Competition, which involves an impressive range of disciplines. The Chess season is off to a vigorous start with wins at Hampton and Whitgift earlier this month (and a creditable performance at the Eton Rapidplay Competition). The Year 7 Badminton Squad has been selected over the last few weeks and the rugby season is now in full swing – with a recent win for the U13As against local rivals Trinity. Just this week, we have seen the latest in a series of musical events – a Year 9 Musicians’ Evening in which 21 boys performed as soloists. Rehearsals for The Crucible (February 2020) are well underway in the Drama Studio.

As parents know, we believe very strongly in the link between Pupil Wellbeing and Participation. This is why we tend not to use the term ‘extra-curricular’ to describe the kinds of activities above. They are, in fact, part of the curriculum offered by the school and an integral part of pupils’ experience here! One of Miss Banner’s priorities in her new role as Pupil Wellbeing Lead is to promote discretionary activities in a bid to edge even closer to 100% participation by every boy in the school. This has involved looking closely at the full range of activities available, interviewing pupils about gaps and addressing these with the help of staff. As a result, we are seeing new clubs available for pupils in the Lower School, more opportunities for participation in sport (where Year 7 field E and F teams in Football) and a resurgence in student journalism for the first time in years. Watch this space!

In consultation with Heads of Year and other staff, Miss Banner has also established a Wellbeing Room adjacent to her office, one of several bases used around the school to promote positive mental health and provide a quiet place for meetings or counselling from Monika Mizzi. Any parent who would like to learn more about the approach to Pupil Wellbeing at Wilson’s (or about opportunities for Participation) should contact their son’s Head of Year. The full co-curricular timetable is available here.