Wilson's School

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Open Football

Open Football has been operating very successfully after school during the autumn term (from 3.30 - 5.00 pm). Monday sessions are for Years 7 & 8 and Tuesday sessions for Years 9 & 10.

These sessions are open to any boys not at present playing in a school team. Students can come along to play some football in a fun environment. Just over 130 boys across the four year groups have taken advantage of this opportunity so far, with the Year 7 session being the most popular, averaging 23 boys per session. Three boys, Parthiv and Kishan (Year 7) plus Shantos (Year 9), are to be congratulated for having a 100% attendance record. Seven other students only missed one session and they were Haayed, Adam, Kailavan, Saad & Xanin all Year 7 plus Krish T (Year 8) and Vikhash (Year 9).

These sessions are great fun, even if the coach has to play on the odd occasion! Thanks to Prabhas and RJ (Year 10) for their help at the Monday sessions and to Alfie and Adam (Year 12) for their assistance at the Tuesday sessions. A fine example of ‘Non Sibi Sed Omnibus’.