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Welcome to the Class of 2024 — and congratulations to the record-breaking class of 2017!

THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR is always an exciting one as we welcome a merry band of new Wilsonians, who join the school as boys have been doing for over four hundred years. Much has changed since Edward Wilson wrote the original statutes in 1615, not least the abolition of (anything but carefully controlled) leaping and the compulsory shooting of the longbow. However, much also remains, in particular the tradition of boys from a broad range of backgrounds being shaped into kind, hardworking and impressive young men.
As Headmaster I was delighted that the school was listed as number one 11-18 state school for A level in The Times for the first time in its history. The reason for my delight was because of what it signified: that the boys and their teachers had worked hard during this period of significant curriculum reform and also crucially that they were able to meet their offers and go off to study a wide range of courses in Britain and around the world. As we tell the boys, one cannot expect to be number one all of the time, but for it to happen every now and again is a thrill for us all and testament to the support of the parent body.

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Wilson’s School is:

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