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GERALD ARYEEQUAYE, an Old Wilsonian, a Bank of England Scholar and student at the University of Birmingham, was recently named in the Future Leaders Magazine 2017/2018 as a top 100 Black student in the UK. During his time with us, Gerald excelled in his study of Economics and completed an outstanding EPQ (Extended Project) on the causes of the 'Lost Decade' in Japan. We offer our hearty congratulations to one of our more recent Old Wilsonians and will watch his career with interest!

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National Youth Orchestra

The Music Department received delightful news this week when they discovered that Tom Thornton had been successful in his audition for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYO). Formed by Dame Ruth Railton in 1948, the NYO has given over 550 concerts and nurtured some 5,000 musicians since then. We are incredibly proud of Tom's achievements in his application to this truly elite orchestral ensemble. Tom started to play the trumpet at the beginning of year 7 and through dedication, perseverance, and excellent tutelage from our brass teacher, Mr Roger Willey, he has ascended the ranks. We wish him every success in this exciting new venture.

CCF News

by WO2 (CSM) Hopson
Two days in a weekend, two 0600 starts and two competitons for the CCF

Last Saturday a team of eight — captained by WO2 Hopson comprised of a mix of Army and RAF, Y10 to Y13 and Wilson's and WHSG — met at the unit to take part in the Elworthy Trophy at Keogh Barracks, a prestigious trophy that Wilson's CCF had managed to place 2nd in last year.

The day began physically with 20 minutes of deadweight pulling designed to mentally and physically annihilate the squad. The team persevered and managed to finish the event with a solid 18 minutes of pulling. After a well-earned rest, the team moved on to an observation stand, an equally physically demanding rowing stand and then stopped for lunch. After lunch the team had to complete a treasure hunt through a museum, a highly commended blind obedience command task where all but the captain (WO2 Hopson) had to construct a tent blindfolded using only their captain's voice command, archery and navigation. The two final stands allowed the RAF to put their experience in the ASTC to good use by scoring highly in the First Aid: Cdt Morelli was awarded the only perfect score of the day for his work on the casualty and Sgt Ramful was awarded the only perfect score of the day for a Commander on the first aid stand. The team finished the day with a Command Task, led to perfection by F/Sgt St Clair-Gray. He used his experience and leadership skills to complete the task quickly without mistakes, and also assigned roles to most of the team, which impressed those on the stand.

At the final parade the squad was invited to receive their medals from the Lord Lieutenant for winning the Command Task stand. The overall results are not yet in but are eagerly awaited. Our congratulations go to all those who took part.

The following day, an all army team of eight met at the school for the journey to Harrow to compete in the Guthrie Cup for the 3rd year running. The team placed 2nd last year and hoped to better that this year.

The day began with an unexpected stand, where the section was based in defence and had to defend that position. The team thoroughly enjoyed this and felt they completed it well. They then moved on to another "surprise stand" which was a mash up of various command tasks members of the team had seen before in part. WO2 Hopson realised the need for keeping good order of the teams (as some involved minefields or complex logic problems) and felt C/Sgt Fideli should take a lead on these.

The debrief at the end was positive and despite being the second section through, the team was confident about their performance. Next was a Target Indication stand which was followed by an indoor shooting stand. After lunch was the dreaded bleep test followed by the First Aid stand.

After the Elworthy trophy, we took the feedback from that stand and relayed it to the team. We managed to split this task very well, assigning roles to each member of the team. The debrief was very positive and the team moved on to their final 4 stands. The team completed the CQB Paintball, the observation and command task stands before moving on to their final stand of the day: The Section Attack.

The team prepared themselves for war. WO2 Hopson was called in for the commanders' briefing while 2IC C/Sgt Karrunavannan prepared the team. The team then patrolled out to obliterate the enemy position. They then regrouped absolutely exhausted from the attack, but relieved that the competition was finally over. Wilson's won (by a significant margin) the First Aid stand, and scored admirably in all the others. Despite not getting a podium finish, the margins between 3rd and 7th were something in the region of around 5 points (out of a total of 700). Congratulations to Dulwich College on winning the overall event. The host school provided all participants with Guthrie Cup T-Shirts for their efforts (an excellent team photo now hangs in the unit.

Meanwhile LCpl Peter Wales took part in the National Marching Band of the RAF Air Cadets' camp at RAF Halton and proudly supported the Dreamflight Charity. Dreamflight is a charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. Dreamflight is not a formal band parade but the band performs at two events and it requires them to perform to the highest standard with lots of interaction with the Dreamflight children and their staffing team. The National Bands perform at lots of different events, but this is considered the event of the year.

Photo: CPl Peter Wales with the RAF Air Cadets' National Marching Band

Science Photography Competition

The Science Department is very happy to have received some early entries to the photography competition (see below). The science department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that entries are welcome from students/family and staff. We look forward to receiving many more entries.

Above: two-week-old fungus growing on bread, viewed through a microscope. Semion Merzlikin (8H)

Below: a Marsh Harrier. This bird of prey is a slow flyer, but this makes it easier for them to detect prey. They eat frogs and also small mammals, insects, reptiles, eggs and nestlings. Arko Mukherjee, 7B
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Year 9 Music Evening

The Year 9 GCSE Music students dazzled an audience on Wednesday evening with a series of some very impressive solo performances. Ray Li's dramatic rendition of The Pirates of the Caribbean, by Badelt, was particularly impressive, with florid and complex passages played with precision and commitment. The programme also contained some more reflective performances, such as Pablo Koko's interpretation of the famous Pavane, by Faure, with some excellent dynamic control heard whilst he played his clarinet. The quality of the performances was very pleasing, and the students are sure to do well in the performance element of the GCSE course when they come to their final performances in year 11.

The music department would like to thank all of the parents who came to support the students in this event. Mr Elsom, in his closing words, mentioned the amount of hard work, dedication, and commitment required in order to improve with performance, and it is mainly due to the encouragement of parents that the students manage to succeed, not to mention the hours of practice!

Chess Results

Wilson's A beat RGS Guildford B
4.5 - 1.5

Wins for Ryan Eaw (U6), Henry Yu (Y7) and Aurideep Nayak (Y10)

Wilson's B lost RGS Guildford A
0.0 - 6.0

Wilson's C beat Southborough A
5.0 - 1.0

Wins for Chia Da Yap (U6), Atticus Fear (Y8), Dylan Perera (U6), Kiran Manthry (U6) and Vishu Ketheeswaran (L6).

Wilson's D beat RGS Guildford C
7.0 - 5.0
Two wins for Hashim Hussain (L6), one win each for Adam Phillips (Y11), Shivank Khare (Y10), Varun Sahdev (Y9), Max Ma (Y9) and Ugas Jeyakanth (Y8)

Football News

Football Team and Player of the Week

Team of the Week With over twenty games this week there were some good team performances. The U12B and U14A had good wins over Whitgift; the U15A showed fantastic commitment in playing two games in a day and go undefeated. Team of the week goes to the U13B for their very good win against KCS. The goal scorers were Khan (3), Gray (2), Hossain and Mar. Huge credit to Arthur Wilson who led the team superbly.

Player of the Week Hamish Rennie-Carter produced two good performances in a day to gain two clean sheets, while Tae Woo Kim continued his excellent start to the season for the U15As. Kisuk Joung scored one of the goals of the season for the U12Cs and Jasper Heikkila put in two big performances for the U14As. Player of the week goes to Brandan Morrell for his superb hattrick for the U13s.

Football Results

Monday 9 October

Wilson’s vs Coombe (National Cup)
U15A lost 5 - 7
U15B lost 1 - 2

Tuesday 10 October

Wilson’s vs. KCS (Friendly)
U13A drew 3 - 3
U13B won 8 - 1
U13C won 9 - 1
U13D won 8 - 1

Wednesday 11 October

Wilson’s vs. Ashcombe (National Cup)
1st XI lost 0 - 2

Wilson’s vs. John Fisher (Friendly)
2nd XI lost 0 - 2
3rd XI lost 3 - 5
4th XI lost 0 - 3

Thursday 12 October

Wilson’s vs Shenfield (National Cup)
1st XI lost 2 - 4

Wilson’s vs. Ravenswood (National Cup)
U15A lost 2 - 5

Friday 13 October

Wilson’s vs Kingsdale (National Cup)
U14A lost 3 - 7

Saturday 14 October

Wilson’s vs Tunbridge Wells (Friendly)
U15B lost 2 - 3
U14B drew 3 - 3
U13C lost 0 - 8
U13B lost 1 - 7
U12B won 4 - 2

Wilson’s vs Whitgift (Friendly)
U12C lost 0 - 5
U13A drew 1 - 1
U14A won 3 - 1
U15A drew 0 - 0
U15C lost 2 - 3

Wilson’s vs. Wellington (Friendly)
1st XI won 2 - 1
U15A won 3 - 0

Rugby Update

The start of the new school term has seen Rugby at Wilson's progress to a new level. Following a tough pre-season, where boys from the U15 and U18 age groups committed to six gruelling training sessions during August, the improvement has been clear to see. They completed some fitness challenges and difficult skill drills, during sessions starting as early as 7:00am!

Since the start of September, Wilson's has seen a record number of boys participating and competing at Rugby. The new year 7's have started strongly with large numbers regularly attending Thursday training sessions and Friday afternoon games so our team is looking very promising going forwards.

In years 7 and 8 the boys are offered one training session per week and one games session per week. In these sessions they are taught the core principles of the game and are encouraged to express themselves as much as possible. In years 9 and 10 the boys are introduced to the fitness suite, where they are given an hour long session per week to work on their flexibility, mobility and functional movement. As they progress through the school they are able to continue this training programme in years 11, 12 and 13 where they compete at a high level against other neighbouring schools. With the boys continually showing the required passion and commitment to improve, it is inevitable that Rugby at Wilson's will go from strength to strength. Player of the Week Hamish Rennie-Carter produced two good performances in a day to gain two clean sheets, while Tae Woo Kim continued his excellent start to the season for the U15As. Kisuk Joung scored one of the goals of the season for the U12Cs and Jasper Heikkila put in two big performances for the U14As. Player of the week goes to Brandan Morrell for his superb hat-trick for the U13s.

Wilson’s vs. The Cedars School
by Max Locke, 10B

The game opened with a firm kick off from Ollie Bottle, followed up sharply by the forwards. A strong first push was established, but quickly rebuked by the opposition, who held the ball for quite a few phases, until ripped by Patrick Smith, and shipped down the wing to Joe Chandler. He broke through their meagre defence, earning a splinter try beneath the posts. Converted. The positive outcome was short lived, as immediately from their kick, the opposition pushed through the Wilson's back line, and onto the try line; converting the try. Just before half time was called, Cedars managed a cheeky run to the far left, scoring a try, but not converting.

Wilson's began the second half powerfully, instantly scoring and converting a try. Coming up to the last ten minutes of the game, Yash Ramcharan received a pass out from Max Locke's run down the wing, knocked a boy of significant strength to the ground and leapt between the posts, securing a Wilson's victory 28 – 12.
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  • 23 October - 3 November - HALF TERM
  • Thursday 2 November - OXBRIDGE ENTRANCE TESTS
  • Monday 6 November - Term Begins
  • Thursday 9 November - Sixth Form Open Evening - 6.00 p.m.
  • 13 - 17 November - Y11 Mock Exams
  • Monday 13 November - Prayer Group Meeting
  • 8.00 p.m. - All Welcome
  • Wednesday 15 November - EARLY FINISH FOR STUDENTS (1.05 p.m.)
  • Friday 17 November - British Physics Olympiad (Round 1)

Deputy Head's Reminder


I suspect the weather will be very different after half term! Pupils should wear only dark coloured coats to school; hoodies are not permitted at all.
In the Lower School we look to reward students who have gone above and beyond in lessons and in extra-curricular activities. Our congratulations go to those named below.
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Matthew and Jake (7B) were nominated for displaying excellent teamwork skills during a number of different lessons.

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Aravind (8B) was nominated for showing great leadership in maintaining a positive enviroment to learn in. He has devised a rota for keeping the Form Room clean and tidy.

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