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THE ANNUAL PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY took place on Tuesday 8 January, with current students and recent leavers awarded prizes to celebrate success in a huge range of fields during the 2017-18 academic year. The evening began with form prizes for students who have demonstrated kindness and helped to bring the form closer together working in various ways to improve the experience that their fellow students have at school. This was followed by subject prizes (for students who consistently demonstrate hard work and dedication to the subject, fully exploiting their natural talent and enthusiasm) and prizes for sport, music, CCF, chess, service to the school and resilience.

Many of the prizes have been endowed by old boys and former parents and this event gives a strong sense of the rich history of the school. Our guest speaker for the ceremony was Paul Geddes (an Old Wilsonian and Chief Executive Officer of Direct Line Group). His speech focused on the need for soft skills in the workplace: the importance of being good company, smiling and inspiring confidence. He talked about the joys of a fulfilling career and (a keen violinist himself) being able to integrate wider interests alongside professional life. These messages resonated particularly well with speeches given by current students: Jonathan and Rajiv (both Y13) talked about the pleasure of working together to produce music, Udith (Y9) spoke about the need to encourage others as a cricket team captain, Gabriel and Ezra (both Y13) described a rich and varied Drama programme and Humphrey (Y13) spoke very strongly indeed about the life-changing possibilities available to those who pursue the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

With Ms Johnstone’s lavish buffet for recent leavers and their parents, as well as music provided by the Chamber Ensemble and Clarinet Trio (Daniel (Y11), Jonathan (Y13) and Ken (Y11)), this was an invigorating and jolly evening – and an excellent way to start the New Year!

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