Wilson's School


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Chess is very popular at Wilson's, with over 70 pupils going to lunchtime chess clubs each week. over 150 pupils joined the chess ladder last year, and 100 took part in UK Chess Challenge. 60 pupils played in school chess matches.

The best players at Wilson's play chess for England, and so our first team is one of the best in Surrey. Four other Wilson's teams play in other divisions with great success. Our teams also perform well in the national schools competition, with the first team having often played at the national finals.

Pupils aspiring to be in the chess team or wanting to improve their game should get as much practice as possible; they should do this by going to chess tournaments, by going to the chess club at lunchtimes (Tuesday and Thursday), or by joining a local chess club. There are also after school chess squad sessions on Fridays for the stronger chess players who are members of the English Chess Federation.

Wilsons Chess Fixtures 2017-18