Wilson's School

School Visits

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Every year many tours and visits are organised by the school, to complement the curriculum or to provide other development opportunities and experiences. Past trips have taken travellers as far afield as Turkey, Tanzania and China. The Classics department regularly organises tours to destinations such as Italy and Greece and the Modern Foreign Languages department has annual language visits (for example to France and Germany). It is also traditional for there to be a visit to the Brecon Beacons National Park at some point early on in each boy’s Wilson’s career. As well as being educational and enormous fun, it is a valuable 'bonding' experience for the boys, giving them the chance to get to know their new friends in an environment very different from the classroom. Sports tours are organised regularly; football teams have toured Spain and cricketers have travelled to Barbados.

In addition there are numerous opportunities throughout the year for boys to participate in day trips (for example museum and gallery visits) or evening trips (for example to music concerts or theatre visits). The variety on offer will depend on the year group and subjects studied.