Wilson's School


All of our students are academically able. The curriculum is designed to stretch and challenge within a supportive environment so that each may reach his potential.

At Wilson’s, Key Stage 3 – which in most schools is a three year programme of study – is completed in two years. Pupils work towards the standards described in our Key Stage 3 Core Concepts.

In their first two years, all students take: English, Mathematics, Science, a modern foreign language (French or German), Latin, Geography, History, RE, Art, Music, Design & Technology, PE & Games, and PSHE. In ICT all students complete the Level 2 ECDL qualification (equivalent to GCSE).

We encourage all students to take instrumental lessons and in Year 7 these are provided by the school. Boys are taught in groups of four and selected for the instrument for which they have demonstrated the greatest aptitude, of: brass, flute, voice, or percussion.

In Years 7 – 8, most subjects are taught in form groups. In Year 8, students are set in Mathematics according to ability.

Our three year GCSEplus programme has been designed to extend and stimulate boys with more interesting and challenging work than would be possible within the constraints of the standard Key Stage 4 programme. All departments have enriched their schemes of work to ensure that boys are introduced to skills and knowledge that extend well beyond GCSE and prepare them for the challenges of A Level work.

In the core curriculum, all students take English and English Literature, Mathematics, the three separate sciences, a modern foreign language (Spanish, French or German) and Religious Education. A skills-based ICT course develops the practical skills and interests of the students and an extensive programme of PE and Games provides an excellent and full range of sporting opportunities.

Students also choose three optional subjects from: Art & Design, Business Studies, D&T, Geography, History, AS ICT, Latin, Music, Physical Education and a second modern foreign language (Spanish).

We believe strongly in the importance of cultural education and make sure that all students are able to develop their interest in the arts even if they choose to specialise in other academic areas. There is, therefore, an enrichment programme followed by all students, covering a wide range of activities, such as Drama, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Digital Media and Performance.

Key Stage 3: See the individual department web pages
Key Stage 4: download the Key Stage 4 GCSE Plus Booklet
Key Stage 5: download Sixth Form Brochure

If you require further information about the curriculum followed at the school please email.