Wilson's School

Food and Drink

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The school aims to provide tasty, healthy meals to growing boys! The Catering Department operates on a not-for-profit basis and Catering Manager Mel Ross has created a weekly menu of imaginative dishes based on feedback from the boys during her time at the school. All dishes are cooked on site using fresh sustainable produce, sourced locally whenever possible. Care is taken to ensure that dietary, allergen and other requirements are catered for each day.
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Photo: Mel Ross, catering manager
We now have four venues available for hot food at break and lunchtime:

The Main Dining Hall serves a range of hot meat and vegetarian options to boys in Years 7–11 each day (e.g. maple-glazed chicken with herby potatoes and broccoli or aubergine and spinach curry with rice) together with lighter meals (sandwiches, baked potatoes, pasta and soup). The Main Dining Hall is also open for breakfast every day from 0745.

The Bowden Room offers the same food to students in the Sixth Form. In both venues, a range of healthy additional options are available, including fruit juices, smoothies, pots of crudités and items of fruit!

Both venues are also open at break.
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The McAlister Room is a venue specifically designed for boys in Years 7–8, with a range of lighter meals, e.g. Thai spiced chicken and vegetable with egg noodles or chilli vegetable and mixed beans with tomato wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Also open at break each day!

The same options are available in the popular Catering Van, which is situated on the playground each break and lunchtime. Please see the lunch menu on the front page of the web site for full details.

Plans for the future include theme days at least once a month, a wider variety of dishes to suit the season (for example a wider range of salads in the summer months and delicious winter warmer dishes during the colder months), and the introduction of more unusual and exciting fruits and vegetables!
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Drinking water is provided and a range of other hot and cold drinks is available.