Wilson's School

Science: Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Below is a list of topics that year 7 and 8 will study:

Year 7 Topics

  • Science and Safety: an introduction to working safely and scientific investigations (includes: safety, measuring, observing, variables, fair testing, graphs)
  • Fundamental Matters: solids, liquids and gases, changing state, elements and compounds
  • Waste not, want not: energy transfer, energy from fuels, renewable and non-renewable sources
  • The Stuff of Life: cells, reproduction
  • Current Affairs: circuitry, current and voltage
  • Forceful Science: motion graphs and forces
  • Physical vs Chemical Change: burning and conservation of mass, chemical changes, solutions and separation techniques
  • The Web of Life: classification, keys, inherited and environmental characteristics, sampling techniques

Year 8 Topics

  • Flash, Bang, Wallop: light and sound; magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Elementary Science: word equations, tests for gases, decomposition, acids and alkalis
  • Food for Thought: nutrition, digestion, photosynthesis
  • Moving Science: pressure, moments, forces, space, heating and cooling
  • Reactive Science: reactions of metals, carbonates, reactivity series, displacement reactions
  • Healthy science: respiration, exercise, respiratory and circulatory systems, substance abuse
  • Microbes and Genetics: microbes, diseases, immunity, inheritance, evolution and selective breeding

For Key Stages 4 – 5, see the
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