Wilson's School

Wandle Walk

A group of pupils from Year 10, Year 9 and Year 7 set off undaunted, with Wandle Walk veteran Mr Hudson leading the way. Though they did not know it, their journey of discovery would take them through the mysterious lands of Beddington, Carshalton, Hackbridge and Mitcham, culminating in a triumphant finish at Morden Hall Park. Gripped by the spirit of adventure, the students barely noticed the time flying by as their feet moved automatically. Much was learned on this walk, one example being that the water in the fountain next to the Rose and Crown is home to a sizable population of Cyanobacteria, which are responsible for the water's turquoise-green hue.

I will add that the cafe at Morden Hall Park is slightly overpriced but does give tasty free samples of chocolate cake. The gratitude of the twenty-eight pupils of various year groups extends to all of the teachers who accompanied the students.

Article by Andy Deng, 10C
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