Wilson's School

Wimbledon 2017

The role of a ballboy or ballgirl is sometimes overlooked and under appreciated. Yet Wimbledon could not run in the efficient manner it has done over decades if not for the role of these so called BBGs. My experience has been incredible and truly indescribable. To be ballboying for the world's greatest players at the highest level is an unbelievable achievement and something I have not taken for granted. The crowd at times have been electric and such a motivating force. Having ballboyed for Andy Murray and Johanna Konta on Centre Court, the support we received from the British crowd was inspiring. It is times like this where the crowd's energy helps you in getting through that shift when your body is wanting a break ever so badly. Wimbledon has been mentally and emotionally taxing, having to maintain a high level of intensity whenever you step out onto any court, especially on Centre Court. At the end of the day, you're ready for bed but when you wake up, you go again giving your best.

by Zak Fleming, 10S
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