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by Ishaan Makkar, 8H

On 7 May 2017, around 37 of us participated in a 7.8 mile charity walk across the spectacular North Downs to raise money for Wilson's PFA and the Rotary Club of Banstead. It was a breath-taking and relaxing walk which also raised money for good causes.

When we reached the site of the walk, we were greeted with picturesque scenes and luscious green all around us. We began the day with a photograph around the Wilson's School flag. After thirty minutes and several photographs, we were released and finally began the walk.

The sun was shining brightly, as the crisp morning air washed all our drowsiness away. The walk started by Epsom Race course with open fields of grass and hay - a place where horses probably train before a race. This quickly ended as the trees started to crowd in on us. As we walked down the path, a line of horse poo stood tall, emitting its poisonous stench and acting as a barrier to the rest of the group. Each of us took turns in leaping over 'the sight'. We carried on with the walk, still mindful about what had happened. We passed over miles of horse track and were even lucky enough to stroke a few horses.

Finally, as my energy started to deplete, we were all relieved when a refreshments stall appeared in front of us. I ran ahead and grabbed a glass of squash and some biscuits. By the time my energy had returned, the woods started to end and rows and rows of corn began to appear. We passed through a farm in silence; all of us in awe of the massive machines parked in the garage. Eventually, our starting place was revealed to us on an unusually high hill, so I sprinted down to finish off the walk, eager to get a few more nibbles of the mouth watering custard cream biscuits.

The 7.8-mile walk took us fewer than 3 hours to complete, and surprisingly by the end I was filled with energy- quite the opposite of what I expected. After a few rounds of World Championship footy, we departed the place and carried on with the rest of our day. Please click on the link below to assist us in raising £500 for this good cause. https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/wilsons


The winners of the May 100 club draw are as follows:

1st B & K Jackson £36.25
2nd W Robertson £21.75
3rd S Highwood £14.50

The committee have a lot of fun raising money for the school and if you would like to join them they would be glad to welcome you. Please contact Mrs Guha by email at: wilsonspfa@gmail.com.