Wilson's School

Staff vs. Boys Match Report

Preparation started weeks in advance as both sides wanted to be in the best position to win the final match of the Wilson's season. Lots of talking, teasing and taunting was exchanged between the staff and the boys. However when the day arrived, everyone involved was as serious as could be. A different approach was taken in regards to the warm-ups before the game, with the boys being the more organised [Perhaps the staff were busy marking all of that work you were handing in? – Mr Cole]. The game was played in three 20 minute thirds (mainly to give the staff more rest periods) and the first was, as to be expected, fiercely competed. Every ball was contested, every player was exerting themselves and as a result the game was even going into the second third. But, the tactical genius of the pupils' team co-managers of Mrs Ford and Mrs O'Donnell in combination with the fitness and application of the game-plan by the boys, led them to dominate as the game went on. Around halfway through the second third a long ball was played by Josh Norman from centre-back, causing confusion amongst the staff defence and it fell to left-winger Sami Hussain who had an easy pass across the box to striker Kevin Mwondha - known as the Postman as he always delivers, proven by his cool finish into the bottom corner, despite the best efforts of Mr Fletcher in goal and numerous staff defenders.

The game became stretched as it continued, with the staff not being able to match the quality of possession of the three-time Surrey Cup final Year 13 boys. Keeping and moving the ball from side to side caused the teachers to become tired and disorganised, leading to gaps opening up across the pitch. This was eventually exposed after copious pressure by the pupils in the third period of the game as centre-midfielder Calum Nuttall hit a firmly struck half-volley into the left side of the staff goal. Soon after, the final whistle went and so the game finished 2-0 to the pupils.

The better team won on the day, but the staff made it an enthralling and high-spirited encounter, which was recognised by the hundreds watching in the crowd - including students, teachers and parents. Thanks must be given to all involved - the experience was unforgettable and a great send off for the year 13 boys, who didn't fail to give Mr Simmons a hard time at the meal later in the evening.
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