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Over the last ten years, Wilson's has ensured that mental health is top of our agenda.We have promoted positive mental health confident that increased awareness will help remove stigma and we encourage everyone to talk about their feelings that bit more. Our community often addresses mental health in assemblies, form times and PHSE. We constantly review how we can improve our pastoral care and our structure of two tutors per form with the addition of more pupil support managers next year is testament to our ever improving approach. The government recognises that the mental health of pupils is a major factor in what they are able to achieve. For our pupils to fulfil their true potential, they must be mentally fit. They must have a strong sense of belonging, strong sense of their identity, have interests and hobbies, and be and feel supported in their challenges. Mental fitness is a state of wellbeing, and striving to make all our pupils mentally fit will mean they are happy, reflective, resilient and successful. We hope to integrate steps within our pastoral curriculum that build their mental fitness which then will enhance their ability to cope with stress and improve their physical health, productivity, relationships, and overall happiness.

Education around mental health issues still play a huge role within this and ensuring pupils understand how to cope when things are not going to plan is all part of them becoming mentally fit and resilient. I heard a superb analogy about mental health recently which sums up the overarching idea of mental fitness very well. Imagine you are in a bike race and you get a puncture. If you don't know what has happened, or how to mend it, then it becomes a huge setback. If you learn how to recognise the problem and learn how to mend it, you are still going to finish the race.

I look forward to keeping you updated next year as we work together as a community towards this vision. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the new Participation and Wellbeing Prefect for 2022-23, Krishna. My name is Krishna, and I'll be serving as the new Participation and Wellbeing Prefect for the upcoming academic year. I hope to build upon all those who have contributed to both these spaces at Wilson's and, inspired by their hard work and creativity, aspire to add some exciting ideas of my own! I will be joined by a team of other enthusiastic Year 13s, comprised of: Daniel, Dennis, Dhiraj, Jamie, Jo and Min. Together we aim to promote the idea of mental fitness, continue battling stigmas and create an environment in which we all feel comfortable addressing our own mental health.

Next year, we look forward to a new wellbeing space that can serve as a recreational, warm and welcoming area. We also plan on expanding the team to include some Year 12s, to create a body of senior students all working towards a common purpose. Finally, amongst other ideas, I'm also striving for better opportunities for younger students to more easily approach older students about concerns. There are lots of exciting things to look ahead to next year and I hope that we can add to some of the many positive changes!

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