Wilson's School

Co-curricular Activities at Wilson's School

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WILSON’S IS ABLE TO OFFER A WIDE AND DIVERSE NUMBER OF CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. As well as encouraging pupils to develop academically, the school feels it is important for them to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities in order to nurture skills and develop the fully-rounded personality that is the hallmark of the Wilsonian.

We currently have a plethora of thriving sports teams from football and cricket through to badminton and table tennis. Whilst Wilson’s has a very strong (and deserved) reputation for excellence in football, many of our other teams are very strong. Rugby is becoming increasingly popular.

A thriving Music Department runs a number of various bands ranging from a string orchestra to a Latin band. The school choir also sings at a number of high profile events over the course of the year, and continues to build its reputation as one of the finest school choirs in the region.

Our Drama Department also puts on a school play each year and cooperates with the Music Department to mount the annual Year 7 Musical.

There are successful Chess and Debating teams as well as any number of groups and societies meeting during the school week, and which vary in size according to their interest and following. Sporting and educational trips also take place during the holidays.

A document giving a sample of all the opportunities throughout the week can be viewed here (or downloaded as a spreadsheet file). Students interested in attending any of the opportunities listed should talk to a member of relevant department staff to check on current timings.