Wilson's School

Remote Education

At Wilson's, we value the strong link between wellbeing, attainment and attendance and work closely with parents to ensure that pupils attend school to learn in person.

There are very rare cases when a pupil is unable physically to attend school but is fully able to learn. For example, a pupil may be recovering from an operation, or from injuries where physical attendance might inhibit recovery. In such circumstances, where prolonged isolation at home is required as a result of an official specialist medical diagnosis, the school will provide remote education in the form of resources, such as textbooks / workbooks, as well as teacher guidance and assessment via e.g. email and phone calls.

In the event that access to school buildings is restricted for a large number of pupils over an extended period of time, live online teaching will be provided, following the usual timetable and using a suitable platform (e.g. Google Classroom). If a child does not have digital or online access at home, the school will ensure that resources are provided to enable them to access live online teaching.

If, for whatever reason, a pupil is unable to attend school over a period of time, members of staff responsible for the child's pastoral care will stay closely in touch to safeguard their welfare and ensure their educational progress.