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Years 7 – 11in year admissions

Waiting List following initial allocation of places for Year 7 up to 31 December each year

Following the initial allocation of places for Year 7 a single waiting list will be established for all eligible applicants who still wish to be considered for a place should a vacancy arise. Places will be offered on the basis of the rank order of the examinations. Where candidates have the same rank order places will be allocated in accordance with the oversubscription criteria for entry to Year 7. The waiting list will be maintained until the end of the Autumn Term each year. After 31 December each year, parents who wish to apply for a place at the school must apply for in year admission through London Borough of Sutton on a Mid-Term Application Form.

In Year Admissions Year 7 - 11

In realistic terms it is very rare indeed for the school to have vacancies outside of the normal points of admission (start of Year 7 and Year 12).  If there are no vacancies, the Governors have no choice but to turn down applications for places. In the rare event of a vacancy occurring, all boys who have registered an interest in a place for the relevant year group either with Wilson’s School or the London Borough of Sutton will be invited to sit an entrance examination to determine selective ability and therefore eligibility for the place(s). In the event of oversubscription, the place(s) will be offered to eligible candidates (if any) in the rank order of the examination. Parents have a statutory right of appeal if a place is not offered.  If you would like us to keep your details on file please contact us via admissions@wilsonsschool.sutton.sch.uk.
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