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Sixth FormAdmissions

In the event that external candidates have the same rank order of total points score, the application will be determined by a random ballot supervised by an independent person.
Offers for places in the Sixth Form will be made on the basis of the total points score at GCSE (full course only) achieved in Mathematics, the highest English grade (Language or Literature) and the best six results from the remaining subjects listed below.

English Language; English Literature; Mathematics; separate sciences (namely Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or Combined Science (Science and Additional Science); French; German; Spanish; (other Modern Foreign Languages will only be considered if they form part of the standard curriculum at the candidate’s current school); History; Geography; Business Studies or Economics; Art; Design and Technology; Music; Latin; Classics; Religious Studies; PE.

An A or B at AS level in any of the above subjects will be counted as 9 points. Subjects or qualifications not listed are not accepted. Only one qualification for each of the subjects listed above is taken into consideration.

The same normal entry requirements for both internal and external candidates are:

  • a candidate must achieve a total grade points score of at least 58 using the points score calculation described above;
  • a candidate must achieve a grade 6 or above in English (Language or Literature) and Mathematics;
  • a candidate must achieve at least grade 7 in the subjects he wishes to study; where there are special entry requirements to specific courses as set out in the table below, these entry requirements must be met to study the subject.
1 Examination board reviews can bring about a change of grade in individual subjects. If a Wilson’s student does not achieve the entry requirements on results day, but subsequently meets the standard, he will be admitted up to and including the last day of the second full week of term.
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NB: Courses offered and entry requirements can be subject to change.

Right of Appeal

Parents/carers, and in the case of the entry to the Sixth Form the pupil, have a statutory right of appeal against a decision to refuse a place for which a valid application has been made.
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