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Year 7 Admissions:Applying for a placeat Wilson’s School

Key Dates for Year 7 Entry in September 2021

·         The Selective Eligibility Test will take place on Wednesday 11 November 2020
·         The Second Stage Entrance Examination will take place on Saturday 28 November 2020

Key Dates for Year 7 Entry in September 2022

• The Selective Eligibility Test will take place on Tuesday 14 September 2021
• The Second Stage Entrance Examination will take place on Saturday 2 October 2021
For a place at Wilson's School in Year 7 you must register your child to take the Selective Eligibility Test by completing the supplementary Registration Form which can be accessed from the school’s website. This online Registration Form will also be accessible via the websites of Greenshaw High School, Nonsuch High School for Girls, Sutton Grammar School, Wallington High School for Girls and Wallington County Grammar School.

The online Registration Form will be available to complete online from the start of May each year. The closing date for the completion of the registration form will be in August of that year.  You must complete your registration using the online form in advance of this closing date.  No late registrations will be accepted under any circumstances. Please note that there will be an earlier deadline in June for submission of requests for special adjustments for candidates with SEN, and for supporting evidence (further information is provided on our SET page — FAQs.

Registration for 2021 Entry is now closed

Should your son be successful in the Selective Eligibility Test for Wilson’s School, he will be invited to sit the Second Stage Entrance Examination for Wilson’s School. 

As the entrance tests have had to be moved to November you will not know whether your child has passed the entrance examinations when you complete your Common Application Form (CAF). If you wish to be considered for a place at Wilson’s School you will need to name the school on your CAF (in your true order of preference). If you have not named Wilson’s School on your CAF we will not be able to consider him for a place even if your son passes the entrance examinations in November. It is also important that you ensure you include at least one non-selective school local to you in your list of preferences to act as a safety net in the event that your son does not pass the entrance tests.

The CAF is provided by your home Local Authority when your child is in Year 6 and you use it to apply to any school regardless of the Local Authority in which the School is located.

The closing date for submission of the CAF is 31 October each year. If you wish to apply for a place at Wilson’s School you must name the school on the CAF.

Two stage testing

We believe the two stage test allows every boy to demonstrate the best of his abilities and (like all but one grammar school in Sutton) we intend to continue with it. With a two stage process, a boy only has to perform reasonably well in the Selective Eligibility Test to be able to move through to the second stage, thus allowing him another chance to demonstrate his ability. However if decisions on allocation of places were to be made on the basis of the single Selective Eligibility Test alone, a modest performance on the day might mean that a boy misses out on a place at Wilson's School. In our view this would unduly raise the level of importance of the first stage test (which was originally designed only to determine 'selective eligibility') and put unnecessary pressure on the boys.

Shared Second Stage Testing

Wilson’s School and Sutton Grammar School have agreed to share our Second Stage Entrance Examinations. This means that candidates who have passed the Selective Eligibility Test only need to sit one Second Stage Examination, the outcome of which will be used to determine eligibility to be considered for a place at each of the schools. It is important to note that Wilson’s School and Sutton Grammar School have different Admissions Criteria and different methods of determining a SET pass, combining the scores from the SET and Second Stage Examinations and of calculating the final outcome of the entrance tests for our respective schools. This means that it is possible that a boy may pass the examinations for one of our schools and not for the other. Further information about the shared Second Stage Entrance Examination can be found in the Second Stage Entrance Examination FAQs section on this website. 


We do not publish a hard copy of our prospectus; all the information you require is here on the web site. Please visit our online Prospectus and feel free to explore the web site by using the navigation menus. Please ensure you watch our introductory video on the right.

Will I have to pay anything towards my son’s education at Wilson’s?

No. This school is open to all on an equal basis regardless of financial circumstances. It is part of the great tradition of Grammar Schools that they offer a wonderful opportunity to children from less well-off homes. The quality of education in these schools is as good as that in the best independent schools in the land and it is absolutely free.

Many parents do make voluntary contributions to support the activities of the school, but these are strictly voluntary. Parents are asked to contribute as little or as much as they can afford, and if that is nothing, that is absolutely fine. If your son has been eligible for free school meals at any time within the last six years, then the school receives some funding which we use to support him (see Pupil Premium Strategy information on this website).

Does it matter where we live?

For practical reasons your son shouldn’t have a journey of more than an hour in order that he may fully participate in the wider life of the school. However, our admissions criteria are not based on catchment areas, post codes or distance criteria except in the case of determining the last places to be offered where two or more candidates hold the same standardised score. Where there is a tie in the scores from the entrance examinations, places are offered to boys who live in the London Borough of Sutton before those who live outside the Borough.

If my son has a brother in the school already, does that give him an advantage?

No. This is in fact a matter of some regret for us: however the statutory School Admissions Code prohibits grammar schools from applying over-subscription criteria that take note of whether or not candidates have siblings in the school.

Does it matter if I put another school ahead of Wilson’s on my order of preference list on the Common Application Form?

Yes. Your order of preference will have a big effect in deciding which school you are offered. If you are eligible to be considered for two schools and both schools are able to offer you a place, you will be offered a place at the one you have put as your higher preference. The essential rule is to put down the schools according to your true order of preference. Your order of preference is totally confidential to the Local Authority. No school will know it.
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