In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2021, Wilson’s School is currently consulting on the admission arrangements for entry in September 2023.

The consultation period lasts from Thursday 2nd December 2021 to Friday 14th January 2022. Responses must be received by Friday 14th January. In your response, please include your full name, title and contact details. Responses can be sent by:

  • email to:   
  • or post to:          Admissions Consultation 2023, Wilson’s School, Mollison Drive, Wallington, Surrey SM6 9JW
The proposed changes are highlighted in yellow on the draft Admissions Arrangements and it is only these areas on which comments are sought. In summary, the proposed changes are:
Page 1 Deletion of references to Statement of Special Educational Needs as these have now been entirely replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans.
Page 1 Oversubscription criteria 2 and 3 It is proposed to introduce criteria to allow the award of up to 9 places to applicants who have demonstrated an aptitude for music (see new criterion 3). This necessitates a reduction in the number of sporting aptitude places to up to 9 also to meet the requirement that no more than 10% of the school's intake may be selected by aptitude (para 1.24 of the School Admissions Code 2021) Oversubscription criterion 5 is also amended to show that any places unallocated under the previous criteria can be allocated under the final criterion should it prove necessary.
Page 2 Note on education out of normal age group It remains the decision of the school (the admission authority) in each case but the proposed addition provides some reassurance to parents who have used the ability to delay the start in Reception for their summer born children. If a child is outside of the normal age group for entry to Year 7 but this is because they commenced Reception a year later under the summer born children provisions and have remained out of cohort for their entire primary attendance then the school is highly likely to accept the application at the point of transfer to year 7.
Page 2 Definition of home address This definition has been further clarified in line with the London borough of Sutton’s definition.
Page 3 Words have been added to clarify that in order to pass the entrance tests for Wilson’s School, and thereby be eligible to be considered for any of the places at the school, an applicant must have achieved at least the minimum pass threshold in each of the Stage 2 exam papers (Maths and English) and also have a total combined score equal to or greater than the overall pass mark.
Page 4 Illness or incapacity “Incapacity” has been added to the acceptable reasons for being permitted to sit tests on an alternative date in order to encompass such valid reasons as being required to isolate as a result of government guidelines or having experienced a recent traumatic event. In all cases evidence will be required.
Page 4 Sports aptitude testing There will be one opportunity for candidates to participate in the sports aptitude test and this will be after the outcome of the SET is known in the Autumn term. All boys that have passed the SET will be invited to participate if they wish.
Page 4 Music aptitude testing There will also be an opportunity for candidates to participate in a music aptitude test and this will be held after the outcome of the SET is known in the Autumn term. All boys that have passed the SET will be invited to participate if they wish.
Page 5 Information sharing Makes it clear that in order to properly administer the admission arrangements the school may share information about candidates with local authorities.
Page 5 In Year Admissions Clarifies the position. In order to make an in year admission parents must contact the local authority and apply for a place through the co-ordinated process.
Page 7 Special entry requirements for 6th form courses Some changes have been made to the special entry requirements for certain of the A Level subject courses.

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