Photo Albums

Photo albums

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CCF Biennial Inspection 2010
Photos courtesy of James Goodenough (OW, '92-'99)
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Staff vs 1st XI 2010
A few photos from the annual Teachers' XI vs. 1st XI match
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Borneo 2010
The 2010 summer expedition. Thanks to all of the boys who shared their photographs with the school, as well as Jamie Parkinson, Jaco Du Plooy and Andrew Beggs
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A Level Art Exhibition 2010
Photographs from the 2010 Art Exhibition at Wilson's School, showcasing the A Level students' portfolios
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Remembrance Sunday 2013
Photographs from the Remembrance Day 2013 procession through Croydon Town Centre, featuring the Wilson's School CCF
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Chess: OWs vs the School 2013
On Tuesday 26th March, twelve Old Wilsonians ventured back to their alma mater to take on the might of the Wilson's Chess Club…
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Alumni Reunion 2013
On Tuesday 12th March, Wilson's hosted an Old Boy reunion. Over 45 Old Boys and teachers turned up to drink, eat and reminisce…
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Group Photos
Here is a full resolution scan of the 2013 official school photo
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Class of '53 Reunion
On 15th May 2013, Graham Cole, OW, organised a reunion for a group of his old classmates at the school in Camberwell.
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Tough Guy 2014
On Sunday 26th January 2014, 54 Wilson's boys, staff and Old Wilsonians pulled on their orange hats and blue t-shirts to run Tough Guy…
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Chess: Old Wilsonians vs the School 2014
On Tuesday 1st April, 2014 ten OWs came back to Wilson's to challenge the school chess team…
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Summer Parkrun 28/6/2014
Photographs taken at the Summer Parkrun at Roundshaw Downs on Saturday 28th June, 2014
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2014 Leavers' Day
A set of photographs from this year's leavers' last day
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2014 Leavers' Drinks
A whole host of photographs taken at the U6th Leaving Drinks at the Croydon Hilton
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Class of 1995 Reunion
A great reunion held at the Spread Eagle in Croydon for the class of 1995. Also in attendance: Stuart Byfield, Janet Wickham, Linda Heath, Kevin Hemmings, Paul Hollingum and others
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Camberwell Reunion 2018
Alumni met for a drinks reception at the old school building
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Group Photos
From the archives
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Los Angeles and Las Vegas 2002
A school visit to the USA including the Grand Canyon
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CCF: St Martin's Plain 2003
Photographs from the CCF's February camp to St Martin's Plain in 2003.
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Barbados Cricket Tour 2003
Photographs from the school's tour to Barbados in 2003.
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Geography Field Trip 2003
Photos from Jon Vidler
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Prefects 2005
The official school headshots for the 2005 prefects
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Mexico 2006
Photographs from one of the two teams who went to Mexico on a World Challenge expedition in 2006
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MS Challenge 2006
A group of Wilson's Boys climbed up a mountain in Snowdonia with a very brave MS sufferer
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Talybont Sixth Form Geography Field Trip 2007
A sixth form geography field trip to the school's Field Studies Centre in Talybont. Photos by Jon Vidler
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MS Challenge 2007
Charity event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Research
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India 2008
In 2008 Wilson's sent two groups of boys to India for a month with World Challenge. This group headed north into the Himalayas, where they trekked and worked on a community project
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Barbados Cricket Tour 2009
Photographs from the Wilson's School Cricket Tour to Barbados in 2009
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Prefects Group Photos
From the archives
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Group Photos
Including full school photos
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A collection of photos of the CCF from the late 80s/early 90s
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Wales Trip circa 1990
Photos courtesy of Tonia Prestney
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Jon Vidler's Talybont
A collection of photographs from Jon Vidler covering a number of Talybont trips in the 1990s
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Fun and Games
A miscellany of shots of life in and out of school provided by John Molyneux
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India 1990
A school trip to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Rishikesh and Haridwar
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Talybont 1990
A school field trip with Mr Lacey, My Vidler and Mr Molyneux
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Class of '90
Head shots collection
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Watersports 1991
From the archives
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Class of '91
Head shots collection
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Class of '92
Head shots collection
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In School 91-92
A miscellany of photos from around the school, including a mock election held just before the 1992 General Election
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Football Tour: Holland 1992
An album of photos from the school's football tour to Holland in 1992
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Skiing in Romania 1992
Photographs from the Wilson's School ski trip in 1992 to Romania
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Guernsey Outdoor Pursuits 1992
Photographs from the 1992 school trip
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Tough Guy 1993
A photo album from the first time Wilson's School entered a team into the annual Tough Guy competition
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CCF: St Martin's Plain 1993
A collection of photographs from the 1993 CCF February camp to St Martin's Plain
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Water Polo and Guernsey Outdoor Pursuits 1993
Thanks to John Molyneux for the photographs
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Tour de Mont Blanc 1993
A group of Cadets from Wilson's trekked 120km around Mont Blanc, walking through France, Italy and Switzerland in 1993
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China 1993
Kevin Hemmings organised this trip to Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou and Hong Kong
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Hadrian's Wall 1994
A long weekend spent on Hadrian's Wall for the A level classicists
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Old Wilsonians' Association 1994
A selection of photographs from the Old Wilsonians' Association in Hayes, taken in 1994
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Greece and Italy Tour 1998
With Jeff Shaw, Kevin Hemmings and Sue Mitchelmore
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The CCF in the 1980s
A selection of photographs from the Wilson's School CCF contingent, including some rare shots of Headmaster George Simpson
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Talybont Field Trip 1980
A collection of photographs from the 1980 field trip to Wilson's field centre in Talybont-on-Usk
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Group Photos
From the archives
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The Wilson's Historical Guild
Here is a meeting of the Wilson's Historical Guild being addressed by David Jefferson
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Talybont Summer Camp 1981
This collection of photographs from Talybont comes to us from Robert Savage (OW, '74-'76)
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Talybont Geography Field Trip 1982
Will Jackson (OW, '79-'86) provided this collection from the Geography summer field trip in 1982
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Sports Day 1982
Photographs from the Wilson's School Sports Day in 1982
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Grenoble 1982
The French Exchange
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Greece Tour 1982
With Kevin McDermid, Chris Burge, Steve Lock and other familiar faces
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The Lake District
These photos were taken in August 1984 on a trip to the Lake District
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RAF 1983 – 1986
A selection of photographs from a number of RAF camps between 1983-1986
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Class of '84
Head shots collection
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Greece Tour 1985
Including some shots of John Jenkins
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Class of '85
Head shots collection
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Class of '86
Head shots collection
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Class of '88
Head shots collection
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Talybont Trips in the 1980s
Some shots of seniors and juniors on Talybont visits in the mid to late 1980s
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Egypt 1988
The school tour to Egypt
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The CCF on manoeuvres
A collection of CCF photographs from the 1980's-90's
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Including a rare shot of an English department meeting
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Group Photos
Including the official full school photos
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Wilson's under construction
Some shots of the early days of the school in Wallington including some of the construction site
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Sports Day 1977
Photos by Jeff Shaw
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OWA Donkey Derby 1978
Taken at the Old Wilsonians' Association in Hayes in the summer of 1978 when the club brought in some donkeys as the highlight of the day's activities.
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Beachy Head 1978
A day trip for the second year boys, with Shirley Hearn
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School Sports
Some black and white sporting photos from the late 70s/early 80s
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Talybont 1979
Photos of a Talybont trip from the late 70s or early 80s, featuring David Carter braving the elements with an umbrella. From the archives.
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Grenoble 1979
The French Exchange
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Italy 1979
Photos of the Italy tour in 1979 from Jeff Shaw
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Group Photos
As well as the sports teams we have Nairne House in 1969 courtesy of Ganesh Selvarajah, and a whole school photo from 1968 which may be viewed at full resolution
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CCF and Sports Teams – 1961
A treasure trove of pictures provided by Winston Bailey, with dates and names!
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School Trips 1960s
Photos of day trips to Bignor Roman Villa, France, and the Houses of Parliament
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Class of '53 Reunion
On 15th May 2013, Graham Cole, OW, organised for a group of his old classmates at the school in Camberwell…
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1950's CCF Camp and Holland visit
Photographs taken in the 1950s on a CCF camp and during a school visit to Holland
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Around School
With Jeff Bellamy and others
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Wilson's at Itchingfield During the Second World War Wilson's School was evacuated and spent 5 years at Itchingfield
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Group Photos
Includes three whole school photos (1919, 1929 and 1938) that can be viewed at full resolution
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Early Drama
Featuring some cast photos from the 1890s

The original photo galleries are still available at Flickr and Facebook but may not be updated very much in the future.