CCF and Sports Teams — 1961

A treasure trove of pictures kindly provided by Winston Bailey, who left c. 1961 and went on to become Professor of Zoology at UWA.

He has provided details as follows:

1: Masters v Boys 14/3/1961
Ed, George, Bolt, Norman, Knowles, Whitehead, Frank
Horn, Dobson, Johnson, 'Perce,' Westcombe

2: 14/3/1961 Bailey v Perce

3: First (or second?) team, 1957
Back row: Mandry, George, Kirk, Masters, Kelly
Front row: Smith, Cohen, Hawtin, Fisher, Clasper, Mulligan (details supplied by John Hawtin)

4: 1st XI 1960-61 (P12 W3 D3 L6)
Norman Sollis, Howell, Johnson, Atherden, Ide, Delany, Wilkinson, Bob Knowles
Walker, Honner, Bailey (Capt), Richards, Martin (also Donovan)

5: 2nd XI 1961 (P10 W6 D1 L3)
Alliston, Hook, Peacham, Woodley, Rayment, Fulcher, Knowles
Trescot, Warboys, Howell, Bailey (Capt — although selected for the 1st I elected to captain the 2nd!), Donovan, Adams

6: 1st XI 1961 (P12 W1 D1 L10)
Sollis, Rayworth, Dave, Peacham, Bailey, Ide, George
Ed, Charles, 'Jane' Bill 'Tub' Wakeford, Newman

7, 12: CCF Speech Day

8: Masters Tal y Bont 1960
Geoff Taylor, Pat, Ken Daynes, Eric 'Fred' Massey

9: CCF Tal y Bont 1960
Pete, Dick, Chris, Jane, Pat, Taylor, Tony, Ken, Dave
Dave, Eric 'Fred' Massey, Clive

10, 11: CCF Tal y Bont 1961