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GCSE Musicians' Evening

An audience of parents were dazzled at the GCSE Musicians' Evening held in the Bowden Room on Wednesday this week. Students have been working tirelessly in order to prepare their ensemble performances, which require excellent organisational skills, as they are no longer just practising their own part, but arranging a rehearsal schedule with the other musicians in their ensemble.

The evening started with an exciting performance of H Purcell's Sound the Trumpet, sung by Anton. It was incredibly pleasing to see older students come and help the year 11s in their ensemble performances, and aptly demonstrated how the school motto of Non Sibi Sed Omnibus is embraced by all students in the department. The evening also had its sensitive moments, such as Callum and Alex's rendition of JS Bach's Two-Part Invention No 1, played on their acoustic guitars, and Aaron and Theo brought the evening to a moving close when they performed the heartfelt Lily's Eyes by L Simon.

All students should be particularly proud of their achievements. For the majority, the recording from the evening will go towards their overall grade in GCSE Music. Mr Elsom was keen to thank all parents for their on-going support but he also thanked Dr Clayden who accompanied throughout the evening. We look forward to welcoming you to the upcoming Year 7 Spring Showcases and Spring Concert later in the month.


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