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Chemistry: Support


Support sessions for KS4 and KS5 Chemistry are run weekly throughout the year. The Chemistry department provides weekly Chemistry Clinic support sessions during lunchtimes with additional revision sessions run before examinations.

Enrichment sessions are offered to keen/able chemists with the opportunity to compete in the Chemistry Olympiad aimed at Year 13 students. 2015 Results: Gold award – Sujay Nair; Silver awards - Shaun Carpenter, Elliott Kasoar, Dulan Liyanage, Amar Shukla and Ryan Whitehead; Bronze awards – Harrison Coninx and James Gunnell.

The Chemistry department also enters students into a number of competitions run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, including the Schools Analyst Competition (aimed at Year 12) and the Chemistry Challenge (aimed at Year 10). The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is entered by Lower Sixth students during June after their AS exams. Weekly sessions are run from February onwards.

Further links

Suggested reading list for those interested in a chemistry related degree course:

The Beginner's Guide to Engineering: Chemical Engineering by John T Stimus
Why chemical reactions happen (chapters 1-4) by James Keeler and Peter Wothers
The Double Helix by James Watson Around the World in 18 Elements by David Scott
Molecules at an Exhibition by John Emsley