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Classical Greek

Classical Greek is the forerunner of Modern Greek, which still strongly resembles its ancient equivalent in many ways. It was widely spoken throughout the eastern Mediterranean from the time of Alexander the Great and continued to be the most commonly spoken language in the eastern half of the Roman Empire. Famous Greek authors include Homer, Sophocles and Plato; Greek is also the language of the New Testament.

This subject has always been studied at Wilson's outside of the normal timetable. Greek teaching takes place after school and in lunch hours; the course is intended to last three years. This is a highly intensive course that will appeal particularly to those with good levels of linguistic ability. The course we follow is Classical Greek to GCSE.

The study of Latin is not a requirement for taking up Classical Greek though the studies of the two languages and cultures are complementary.

The board of the GCSE examination is OCR. It consists of four papers:

  • Classical Greek language 1 – Mythology and domestic life
  • Classical Greek language 2 – History
  • Classical Greek prose literature
  • Classical Greek verse literature

AS and A-Level
Anyone who is interested in studying this subject to A level should speak to Mr Lawson.