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Drama: Support


Every year the Drama Department stages three major events in the school, allowing students to continue their love and passion for the subject in their own time and out of lessons. A full list of productions with photo gallery and links to videos can be found here.

Autumn Term: Drama Soirée

The Drama Soirée is the first opportunity for Year Seven to perform to a live audience as they present Shakespearean and Jacobean monologues to a select audience. Tickets are offered freely to Parents and Teachers, with the Sixth Form adding additional modern duologues and presenting duties.

Spring Term: Senior Production

The Senior Production traditionally takes place in February and involves students from Year 9 to 13. A full scale production, it takes place in the john Jenkins hall for three nights and can range from experimental Shakespeare to traditional book musicals. Past productions include: My Fair Lady (2019), Romeo & Juliet (2018), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017), King Lear (2016), Macbeth (2014), The Madness Of George Iii (2013).

Summer Term: Junior Production

The Junior Production traditionally takes place in July and involves years 7 and 8 with support from a senior school crew. Student who have been nurtured through the year in class are encouraged to get involved in this first chance at being part of a full scale production and taking lead roles. Past productions include: Lord Of The Flies (2019), Cats (2018), The Wizard Of Oz (2017), Oliver! (2016), Animal Farm (2015).
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