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Mathematics: Specialist College

  • Secondary Links

    Future in Maths

    In these sessions students learn about maths outside the A level course. It’s also a great opportunity to: 
    • Broaden your understanding of what maths is
    • Develop your problem solving skills and mathematical knowledge
    • Get support and advice with your university application
    Future in Maths comprises two components, both run on Wednesday afternoons in the Autumn term

    PART 1: Senior Maths Challenge

    Each year about 10 students from Wilson’s meet with a similar number of students from Wallington Girls to learn about interesting bits of maths, such as fractals and game theory. They also have the opportunity to explore questions for the SMC and get find out how other students approach the questions. They work in teams on past SMC questions and other problems as well as getting support and guidance from teachers. 

    PART 2: University Interviews

    Performance at interview can be vital if you are applying to a top university. So students are offered the opportunity to have a mock interview to experience the sort of questioning they can expect.
  • Wider Links

    1. Maths Circle Lectures

    On Monday afternoons in March we invite leading speakers to come to Wilson’s to give a talk about some aspect of mathematics. The talks are open to other schools and many local schools send pupils, and staff, to come and hear the talks. They give students a great opportunity to hear about how maths is used to solve problems in real world engineering, biology, climate change etc.

    2. Problem solving

    Session in the Spring term at which sixth form pupils from Wilson’s and Wallington High School for Girls look at difficult Maths questions together. They learn problem solving skills and new techniques to help them as they prepare for university entrance tests.

    3. Croydon Advanced Maths Course

    Wilson’s are involved in running the Croydon advanced maths course. Based on the Cambridge STEP (Sixth Term Entry Papers) maths papers, sessions are being run on Tuesday afternoons at Old Palace School in Central Croydon. Dr Cooper is running the class for Upper Sixth pupils who have offers from Cambridge University (for which maths candidates need to succeed at a high level in these tests, as well as get outstanding A Level results ). Other classes are run for Upper Sixth students who have applied to Warwick, and for Lower Sixth students who would like the challenge of tough maths problems.