Wilson's School

Modern Foreign Languages

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Our Aims

We are a dynamic department of seven subject specialists aiming to inspire all our students with a love for language learning.

We are responsible for the teaching of French, German and Spanish throughout the school. All pupils take one language (French or German) from Year 7 to Year 11, when they take the GCSE examination. The opportunity is offered to pupils starting their Key Stage Four course of study to add Spanish as a second Modern Foreign Language.

It is thought to be an important accomplishment that people should have some familiarity with a language other than their own. In this age, when travel and commerce stretch further around the globe than ever before, understanding the principles of different languages and cultural differences is vital to economic and political success. Furthermore, learning the language of another culture offers insights into that culture, so broadening the mind of the student. 

The GCSE examination principally tests the ability of the candidate to communicate in a way that would be understood by the sympathetic native speaker of the foreign language who knows no English. The four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking are all tested by a terminal examination, each component of which is worth 25% of the final grade.

The MFL department generally tries to use as much of the target language as possible in the classroom. Sometimes parents worry that they disadvantage their son by not knowing any French, Spanish or German; for further help in this area, see the Support area. The department organises language trips for year 9 pupils if there is sufficient interest and is eager to offer the possibility of travel to a relevant country to those who study the language in the Sixth Form.

Our Staff

Mrs C. Mulcahy (CAM): Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr T. Fletcher (TDF): Head of German
Mrs M. Barnwell (MB): Head of Spanish
Mr P. Walters (PW): Teacher of German, Director of KS3
Mrs V. Renaut (VR): Teacher of French and Spanish, KS3 Pupil Support Manager
Miss E. Bodinier (EB): Teacher of French
Miss H. Kitson (HK): Teacher of French and German
Mr G. Harris (GH): Teacher of German
Mrs S Mitchelmore (SM): Teacher of Spanish