Wilson's School


Our Aims

Science is part of the Key Stage 3 Curriculum for Years 7 and 8. The students are taught in their tutor groups in both years and usually have one science teacher for each year. There are 3 lessons per week and topics studied cover all three sciences.

The aim of science at Key Stage 3 is to provide a firm understanding of the core concepts of biology, chemistry and physics. Inquiry skills and the scientific process form an important part of the course to help the pupils appreciate that science is more than just a body of knowledge.

Our Staff

Mr Carew-Robinson (Head of Physics)
Dr Whiting (Head of Biology)
Mr McLaughlin
Dr Cook
Miss Ip
Miss Park
Miss Rose (Head of Chemistry)
Mrs Aathavan
Mr Ironside
Mrs Banks
Dr Manchester
Mr Schofield (Head of Key Stage 3 Science)
Mr Stobie
Mr Redmond
Dr Welby
Mr Benn
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