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In some recent lessons, Miss Cohen introduced taught us how Pompeiians campaigned for leading positions in government. To our great joy, we were told that we would have an election campaign based on a Roman one, as would all the other Year 8 classes. As a class, we would be split up into groups to campaign for a particular candidate and then vote ...

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On the last day before half term, Miss Cohen’s Latin classes delivered presentations on the seven wonders of the Ancient World. You have probably heard of the seven wonders of the world, but the seven wonders of the ancient world are just more … ancient. They included the: Colossus of Rhodes, Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue ...

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Last Thursday, a group of eleven Year 9 boys eagerly attended the annual Classics quiz at Old Palace school. Before it was time to go, we relaxed in the Latin room and watched the film Spartacus.

Wilson’s was one of four schools, joined by Whitgift, Queen’s College and, of course, Old Palace. We split into pairs or threes and joined ...

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Classics Club is one of the many lunchtime opportunities at Wilson’s, open for all students every Friday in Room 5. This is a student-run club where students have the opportunity to talk about topics pertaining to the Ancient World whilst expanding their wider co-curricular experience at the school.

The topics discussed can be about a wide ...

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You may be wondering why sixth form students from Wilson's travel all the way to Cambridge for a classics trip. Well, for a very good reason: to see two Greek plays (Persians and Cyclops) performed by Cambridge university students. This was a very rare occasion, as it is unusual for them to perform two plays at the same time. As ...

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