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Science in Medicine


The National Heart and Lung Institute, the British Heart Foundation’s Centre of Research Excellence at Imperial College London offers the annual Science in Medicine School Teams Prize to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Twenty one Wilson’s School students were certainly inspired to create 5 exceptional academic posters with innovative proposals for the management of conditions ranging from emphysema to granulomatosis with polyangiitis. All of the posters were of an incredibly high standard. The level of engagement, research, creativity and communication was excellent.

The posters were of such a high standard a ‘mini poster conference’ was held in the school’s boardroom to showcase students’ work. It was well attended by both staff and pupils which helped create a special experience and insight into future conferences for all those involved.

Participants commented that ‘Yesterday's exhibition was a new and wonderful experience. It was fascinating to see the many different posters created by the medical society and how each was quite unique. I really enjoyed being able to discuss our innovation with other members of the science community, who asked intriguing questions and gave thoughtful opinions on our designs. Overall, it was an engaging and vibrant afternoon and a great opportunity to learn from others.’

This was the first of hopefully many more annual poster competitions that will continue inspire future Medics at Wilson’s School. Well done to all those who participated and thank you to Dr Hubbard for organising the event!

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