Wilson's School

Houses and Ties

The House System 
On entry to the school, every pupil is allocated to one of six houses, corresponding to the six forms of entry. Boys remain in their houses for the duration of their school career. Houses are used as the basis of the pastoral system and for sporting and other competitions. House points may be gained by distinguished work or effort in all aspects of school life.

The present house system dates from 1981. Prior to that, the six houses were named after former eminent schoolmasters, clerics and old boys: Jephson, Kelly, McDowell, Nairne, Whiteley, Wilson. Four new houses were created from the old six when it was decided that each form should comprise a house; a fifth, Southwark, was added in 2002 and the sixth, Datchelor, in 2014, as the school expanded to five and then six forms of entry.

Head of House: Mr M. Simmons

House Captain: Arman Sarjou

House colour: red

Named after the Brecon Beacons National Park, venue for the school's field trips

Badge: based on the Welsh flag

Motto: Y DDRAIG GOCH DDYRY CYCHWYN (The red dragon goes on the attack)

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Head of House: Miss E Mattinson

House Captain: Eamonn Hoare

House colour: blue

Named after the original home of Wilson's School, founded by Edward Wilson, Vicar of St. Giles, Camberwell, in 1615. Look in a street atlas and you will still see Wilson Road, London SE5. The old school building is now used by the Camberwell College of Arts

Badge: the phoenix, for the school's rebirth

Motto: VIVAT REDIVIVA (Live again, live forever)

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Head of House: Mrs H Ford

House Captain: Oliver Sagrott

House colour: orange

Named after Mary Datchelor School, a girls' grammar school in Camberwell which closed in 1982. Some of the school's assets passed to Wilson's, enabling the Mary Datchelor wing to be built; also the 19th century painting Scholarship crowning Endeavour in the John Jenkins Hall is from the Datchelor school hall.

the ram, habicks, spotted griffin and ermine are taken from the Datchelor school arms, which are those of the Clothworkers' Company

Motto: NON SINE PULVERE PALMA (No palm without dust — referring to the Roman circus, where the victor won a palm leaf)

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Head of House: Miss G Vazquez

House Captain: Harry Amoo

House colour: green

Named after Greencoat School, a church school in Camberwell which closed after a history of 250 years in 1959 and whose assets were taken over by Wilson's.

Badge: the figures from the Greencoat courtyard, which originally adorned the respective boys' and girls' entrances of Greencoat School, and were moved in 1961 to the new Greencoat Building, Wilson's School's science facility, until the move to Wallington in 1975

VIROR VIRES VIRTUS (Green our strength and courage)

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Head of House: Dr L. Moore

House Captain: Sam Hyatt

House colour: yellow

Named after the home of the Old Wilsonians' Association in Bromley, Kent.

Badge: a variant of the salient wolf and bezants of the school crest

Motto: OMNIBUS QUISQUE CUIQUE OMNES (One for all and all for one)

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Head of House: Ms S Banner

House Captain: Eugene Carr

House colour: purple

Named after the diocese of Southwark. Though not a church school, Wilson's has connections with the Church and Southwark diocesan representatives sit on the Board of Governors.

Badge: the Devil eats Judas Iscariot. Taken from a mediaeval ceiling boss in Southwark Cathedral

Motto: MODO MODO INCEPTUM (We've only just begun)

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School Ties 
  • School Ties

    School Tie
    (Junior School)


    Brecon House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Camberwell House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Datchelor House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Greencoat House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Hayes House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Southwark House Tie
    (Middle School)


    Prefect Tie

  • School Colours

    Chess Colours


    Drama Colours


    Debating Colours


    Music Colours


    Sport Colours

  • CCF Ties

    Sergeants’ Mess
    (School CCF Tie)


    Officers’ Mess
    (East Surrey Regiment Tie)


    RAF Section Corporals’ Mess
    (RAF Tie)


    Army Section Corporals’ Mess
    (Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment Tie)