Wilson's School

Consultation on Admission Criteria

for Wilson’s School 2020

In accordance with the School Admissions Code 2014, Wilson’s School is consulting on draft Admission Criteria for 2020/21 entry. This consultation period will run from Tuesday 11 December 2018 until Friday 25th January 2019 and all comments or feedback are welcomed by no later than this date, via the following:
By email: admissions@wilsonsschool.sutton.sch.uk
Or in writing to:                 
The Admissions Team
Consultation on Draft 2020 Admissions Criteria
Wilson’s School
Mollison Drive
The draft Admission Criteria for 2020/21 can be viewed here. Changes are highlighted in yellow. The document also gives details of the information that will be required by the online registration form, which is the school’s Supplementary Information Form.
Apart from necessary date changes, the proposed amendments to our Admission Criteria for 2020/21 are in summary as follows:

  1. Some small changes for Year 12 entry to reflect the GCSE curriculum.
  2. The total points score required as the basic entry requirement for the Sixth Form will be 58 (previously 56).  The last couple of years has seen the transition to new GCSE courses and the new GCSE numerical scoring system and during this period of transition the governors have been mindful of taking a cautious approach. Whilst there has been a mixed economy with legacy A-U grades as well as 9-1 grades, an A* has counted as 8.5 and a B as 5.5 and the entry requirement of 56 was designed to take account of these lower scores.  For 2020 entry there are no longer A-U to take account of and boys at Wilson’s School will also have taken a full course RE GCSE, the outcome of which can be also be included as part of their total points score calculation, adding to the likelihood of achieving the required score.