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Classics Club

Over the past term in Classics Club, we have enjoyed excellent talks on various subjects from students of all ages. There have been presentations on the planets and their connections to Roman gods, Roman Law, gladiators, Roman marriage, the Battle of Carrhae and the exile of the poet Ovid. In October, Nihithan in 7D gave a talk on the Battle of Thermopylae, which was very well-researched and particularly admirable considering that Nihithan presented in front of many older students. More recently the Emperor Nero was put on trial in a debate on whether Nero was responsible for the Great Fire of Rome, and at the beginning of this month the Club displayed an impressive knowledge of Classical topics in a quiz based on the game show 'Who Dares Wins'. Last week, we finalised the school's entries to the Make Your Myth competition run by Cambridge, which challenged Year 7 and 8 students to invent a myth based on the goddess Athena. We look forward to more great sessions in the New Year!


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