Wilson's School


Our Aims

We are a department passionate about what we do. We believe everyone has an interest in living organisms and the natural world around them, whether it be a fascination with how the human body works or a desire to know the true impact of man’s activities on the biodiversity of our planet. Our aim is to share this passion through our teaching, enthusing and engaging students about the complexity and variety of life and the importance of interdependence. We seek to place their learning in context, making links with relevant topical issues and instilling confidence, such that all students can fulfil their potential. It matters to us that we equip our students with the ability to make their own informed decisions and judgements, about future scientific issues that will impact them. Practical work is an important part of students learning and we actively seek opportunities to extend the student experience beyond simply, the core practical work of specifications. Our expectations are high and we embrace creativity and innovation.

Biology is part of the core curriculum and is taught as a separate subject from Year 9 onwards. It is a popular subject with 68 and 38 students studying it in Y12 and Y13 respectively in 2018-19. Many of these students go on to study biology related courses at university, the most popular being medicine and dentistry.

Our Staff

Dr Whiting (Head of Department)
Mr McLaughlin
Dr Cook
Miss Park