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Target Two Point Zero invited teams of 16-18 year old students to take on the role of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee. Each team assessed the state of the economy and the outlook for inflation. They then set the interest rate and the use of other Bank of England policies to meet the Government's inflation target. Finally they presented their analysis and decisions to a panel of Bank of England judges and faced questions on their predictions and policy ideas. The Wilson's school team have reached the last six of all national entries on three occasions after winning the London regional final. This included in 2017 when the team collected a cheque for £1500 for the school, an impressive trophy and they each received £50 Amazon vouchers.

The annual Royal Economic Society / Tutor2u essay writing competition has proved to be extremely successful for Wilson's over the last few years. A number of essays have been highly commended and have reached the national finals.

Additional enrichment opportunities include lectures and participating in the Student Investor competition.

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