Wilson's School

Drama: Curriculum

Year 7

Year Seven undertake six separate units within the yearly scheme of work, all of which seek to give them a comprehensive introduction to the work of William Shakespeare – the founding father of modern theatre - whilst at the same time, building on their performance and public speaking skills. In particular – voice, physicality, presentation & movement.

The schemes of work challenge the student to improve their performance skills by beginning with solo performances and then working through the year to large group performances, all the while growing in their understanding of Shakespeare and how his work has informed all modern theatre since its inception.

Students are continually assessed in class through their creative writing, their rehearsal techniques and their performances, which are evaluated by their peers as well as the teacher. Students are expected to underpin all of this with knowledge of the context of the texts they are working with, as well as the techniques they are working in.

Year 8

Year Eight builds on the performance skills learnt in year seven and hones them into public speaking areas. Whilst year seven sought to give the students greater experience of performing and specific feedback on stagecraft, year eight explores performance in different spaces, different forms and to different audiences through public speaking and the spoken word.

Year eight undertake three separate units within the half-yearly scheme of work, all of which seek to develop their understanding of how to present the spoken word in three main focuses: Public Speaking or Speech making, Writing and Presenting, and Devising.
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