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Wilson's Film Club is exclusively run by Year 13 students, who give up much of their time to do so. One of their projects this term will include launching a booklet with recommendations for film and TV viewing over the holidays and will feature reviews from students in different year groups, as well as some from teachers! Below is one of the short ...

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Walking became a passion for many of during the pandemic and over the various lockdowns. Every week in the newsletter we shall recommend a local walk, but with half term coming up, here are a few to whet your whistle. Mr Cole recommends two beautiful walks.

Woldingham Countryside Walk

Explore hidden valleys, chalk downland ...

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Last term our gardening club grew some beautiful sunflowers in the area outside the sixth form centre. Most of the flowers bloomed in the school holidays, which made it a little difficult for our gardeners to see the very bright flowers, so Mrs Higgs kindly took the attached pictures. The students had looked after the seedlings very carefully, using ...

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As well as encouraging pupils to develop academically, the school feels it is important for them to participate in a range of co-curricular activities in order to nurture skills and develop the fully-rounded personality that is the hallmark of the Wilsonian. Whilst we strive to help the students attain excellent grades, our role as educators is equally ...

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It would be easy to dwell on the many things that have continued to be taken from us during summer term 2021—the usual opportunities for older pupils to visit places abroad (and for younger pupils to explore the Brecon Beacons), the full sporting and artistic calendar of events, and the sense of security and confidence that comes from more predictable ...

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Speak Out Challenge Day – Friday 2 July 2021

Classrooms and corridors were abuzz with Year 10 pupils delivering speeches on topics as diverse as the value of failure, the abolition of social media and the unbearable annoyance of television adverts. The school was delighted to host the Speakers' Trust on Friday to work with ...

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Last Thursday a group of year 9 cyclists were given the opportunity to take part in a track cycling session at Herne Hill Velodrome. The boys have been working closely with Cycle Coach James Hey during games sessions in order to develop their skills in preparation for the visit. The session was fantastic with the students gaining experience of what ...

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On Tuesday evening members of the Wildlife Club were treated to a fantastic bird watching experience on Roundshaw Downs. Arjun in Year 13 is currently being filmed for a documentary all about his environmental and ecology work, and so we were followed around on the trip by a camera and boom mic, the director and the producer. They were keen to film ...

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Many pupils at Wilson's have enjoyed very fulfilling experiences of volunteering, including as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Regular volunteering is widely believed to boost wellbeing by promoting physical activity, social interactions, as well as experiencing the great value of making a contribution to the community.

Unfortunately, ...

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Medical Society has continued to meet weekly throughout the spring and summer term, switching to meetings via Zoom during the period of remote learning.

We have seen record numbers this academic year with in excess of 30 students regularly attending, making for some lively debates and thorough questioning of our student speakers. Presentation ...

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Gardening Club is a new addition to our co-curricular timetable and the club has now met for two weeks. In the first session students met in a Science lab to learn about potting and sowing seeds. Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Higgs explained the process by which the plants take root, and the students carefully re-potted some sweet peas, studying their roots ...

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The modern history of student journalism at Wilson's dates back to 1883, with the first editions of The Wilsonian. The earliest volumes report on school activities, including plays and sporting events, as well as essays, poetry and articles on a wide range of themes. Some of the pieces are of historical importance, including an essay on the Inner ...

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This week's Origami Club held a 'flick football' tournament. Flick football is a game that can be played by two people using a carefully crafted paper triangle and a goal made with one's fingers (a fingerpost). The game requires you to flick the triangle over your opponent's fingerpost. The person with the most points at the end of the first one-minute ...

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Co-curricular activity is an essential part of every boy's Wilson's experience. Whilst we strive to help the students attain excellent grades, our role as educators is equally to help open up their world and provide them with experiences beyond the classroom. It is these experiences which will make the longest (and arguably most important) impressions ...

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As the term gets underway, more and more activities and events are being planned and this should be a really vibrant and busy few months. Several co-curricular activities are getting up and running from next week, many making good use of the warmer weather to get outside! We are even inviting prospective pupils and parents to visit the school towards ...

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During the first lockdown last year, Mr Cady created a film competition to keep us busy during those isolating times, and many of us found it to be an excellent way to break the monotonous routines. I was inspired by its success to carry forward the Wilson's Film Club, which launched in the second half of Autumn, where Years 8 and 9 have been writing ...

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This year has brought with it much uncertainty. But in all the commotion, uncertainty and upheaval the preservation of a buzzing co-curricular offer at Wilson's was always important to us. We have been incredibly pleased to be able to run an almost full timetable of clubs, activities and societies. A few weeks ago, two pupils who had not yet attended ...

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