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Over the summer holiday, we received some very exciting feedback from Warwick University as to why our two entrants, Clint Broadhead and Prabhas Vedagiri had won their Global Sustainable Development competition in their respective categories: essay and creative submissions.

For Clint's essay the judging panel said:

"In a compelling essay worthy of first place, the author explored the 'capitalist fixation around profits,' providing welljustified examples of how the ideology of corporations and governments have contributed to the unsustainability of our society. The author explained how they jeopardize planetary boundaries, as exemplified by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill or the fate of nations like Kiribati 'on their knees as victims of our high consumption.' The language is particularly gripping and emotive, drawing the reader in, with a hopeful concluding message regarding the 'ability of the people to wrestle our future away from the omnipotent corporations at the head of our means of production."

For Prabhas' collection of poetry, the judging panel said:

"The author has excellently incorporated a range of perspectives when discussing sustainability. There is a clear flow between the four poems, each with its own linked but separate message. The first poem 'Chaos' whimsically expresses the uncontrolled beauty of nature. The second poem contrastingly named 'Order' draws on personal observations of governance and politics globally and expresses a dark and powerful critique of leaders and our lifestyle. The third poem 'Lost' written from the perspective of an 'indigenous tribe member' discusses displacement and the destruction of their home. Finally, 'Ignored' presents a dystopian image of the environment in the heat of the climate crisis."

As a school we also received praise for having two students win in two different categories and Warwick are excited to see the submissions our Year 11 and 12 students enter for the competition this coming academic year.

To find out more information about the judging panel and the competition that Clint and Prabhas faced you can read the following two articles published by Warwick University: first is about the competition itself and the second about the winners and runners up.

Clint and Prabhas

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