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Running every Thursday at lunchtime, History Club sees budding historians from throughout the school and teachers of the department meet to listen to students and teachers present and to discuss their findings. Over twenty students regularly attend, from enthusiastic lower school students to GCSE and A-Level historians who enjoy exploring the events, people and schools of thought around and beyond the curriculum. Interestingly, discussions often focus either on themes which are distinct from what is taught in lessons or around what the practice of history actually is and how it should be approached. Such broad topics give students the opportunity to discuss, among themselves and then as a larger group, the different ideas about how the past should be interpreted by Historians.

The talks delivered are often on special interests researched by students for both university preparation and for national competitions. Last year, the discussions ranged from the Unification of Germany to the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, and to modern Japanese and Chinese political history. For the first meeting of the term, Ms Riddle delivered a talk on the French historian Fernand Braudel, and how his seminal work The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World at the time of Philip II demonstrates the ways in which the assessment of history can be informed by the physical landscape and other aspects of geography. Students were invited to share their own thoughts on how this way of thinking applies to their GCSE and A Level courses.

The following week, Mr Gore delivered a talk on the controversial historian A. J. P. Taylor, framing him as someone who would have been shaped by his political, familial, economic, and national background. This level of critical thinking is highly relevant to the coursework element of the A Level and was especially useful to sixth formers seeking a more informed, rounded understanding of Taylor's stance on the rise of authoritarian Nazism in Germany.

History Club is held every Thursday in Room 26 from 1.15pm.

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