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Students enjoyed a trip into central London as part of the Medicine and Dentistry University Preparation Programme. The morning involved a guided walk around the city of London exploring the full range (and horrors!) of London's past medical practices, expertly guided by Garry, a former clinician and public health expert no less! In the afternoon, students were treated to an in-depth and highly evocative description of surgery in the 18th century at the Old Operating Theatre Museum, Europe's oldest surviving operating theatre. There were looks of awe at the large metal probe used to remove bladder stones from male patients (without the use of anaesthetic!) and Abbas volunteered to be the patient undergoing an amputation, experiencing the discomfort of the operating table first-hand. The two experiences linked brilliantly to give students a fascinating insight into medicine of the past and the transformative effects of anaesthetics, antiseptics and aseptic practices.

Biology students undertaking undergraduate level lab work. They dissected a pig eye and carried out a Gram staining protocol on bacteria.

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