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After I launched Film Club on 14 October 2020, I didn't really expect the club to grow very much. Several film productions, competitions and publications later we're proud to call it the largest student-led club at the school with around 30 regular members as well as over 100 contributors through the Film Competition and Popcorn Review. My main intentions in starting the club were to create an outlet for creativity which is something Wilsonians are sometimes (unfairly) perceived as lacking, enrich the school's co-curricular offer and enjoy the art of film-making. As someone with limited experience in film-making, it has allowed me to gain a broader understanding of it. The unwavering enthusiasm shown by club members and their desire to persevere with exciting projects has motivated me. Some notable films include the comedic "Period One" about the challenges of virtual learning and films from this year's competition including "Not a Fight Club" and "Recursion." A film which I had a personal ambition of making was "elastic" about depression and anxiety. These are topics that I feel very strongly about and the film will be integrated into PSHE lessons over the coming years, in order to improve students' understanding of mental health. There are a handful of productions which have been in the works over the past year which will hopefully see their premieres quite shortly from September. These comprise of a thriller film "Unmei," one about the dangers of gaming "Conscience" and an eerie comedy "Would You Rather."

Film making in progress

One key characteristic the club has shown is resilience: a film club in a school is never short of challenges such as the logistical issues behind film-making, scheduling and casting as well as a few cancellations of projects which have seen efforts become diluted. However, we've always bounced back with fresh ideas and found ways to get around the problems, and it's always rewarding in the end. This quality will hopefully enable the future of the club to flourish and grow and I have full confidence in Finlay (Y11), Harvey (Y12) and the rest of the club who will shape the future and continue to carve out the legacy of film at the school.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to everyone who's helped me make Film Club what it is today. Written by Ayush (Y13) – Founder/Head of Film Club Beyond the principal Film Club itself, we have organised a vast array of events to inspire budding film-makers such as the Film Competition. Starting in 2021, it has been exciting to see the competition grow immensely. By 2022, almost 70 people participated in making films of various genres. Furthermore, for those who are more interested in watching and reviewing films, the 'Popcorn Review' is an annual collection of film reviews which can be found in the 'Publications' section of the school's website. It was not only students that gave their film recommendations, but also staff!

Organising the club has been no easy feat, with the vast scale of the Film Competition and the Popcorn Review only making these challenges larger. Yet, seeing the entire school community coming together to support one another in their creations (whether it is by watching each other's films during Form Time or coming to the Awards Show and cheering for every participant) makes every struggle worth it. From staying up late at night for ensuring that scripts are reviewed, to getting to school early in the morning to decorate the JJ Hall, Ayush and I have wholeheartedly invested day and night into Film Club to make it what it is today. I am proud to say that Film Club will continue being as amazing as it has been throughout these past few years.

Written by Varakan (Y13) – Deputy Head of Film Club

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