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Borough Cross Country Championships

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On Wednesday, a squad of athletes from Years 7 to 11 took part in the annual Borough Cross Country Championships. The pupils selected were those who had performed well in their House Cross Country races, so we were quietly confident that they could compete with the best the borough had to offer.

In the first of three races, the Year 7 boys set the standard, with an excellent team effort in their first major competition. An outstanding performance from Alexander of 7C (photo, right) saw him streak to victory, beating a field nigh on seventy pupils strong! The combined team score gave us a joint points total equal to local rivals John Fisher, meaning we shared the overall win in the age group.

Our Year 8 and 9 boys battled hard in conditions that were not conducive to fast times or particularly hazard-free running. Bruno S (8C) finished highest in the team of five, with Jack C (also 8C) also running well.

The Year 10 and 11 race was the last our boys were involved in. Led by the diminutive but very talented Brandan (10G2), who finished 5th, the other four soon followed. The combined scores of Aaron (11B2), Akila (11B2), Dubem (10C2) Matthew (11H) and Brandan resulted in a winning team score. This was a great team effort and it was pleasing to see the older boys setting such a good example.

Wilson’s finished in second place, one (agonising) point behind John Fisher. However, to take home two age group trophies, plus some excellent individual and team performances was fantastic. Lots of boys qualified for the County Championships and London Youth Games Competition, taking place in November and January respectively. Congratulations to all those who took part and good luck in the upcoming competitions.
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Year 7 8 9 Team

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Year 9 10 Team


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