Wilson's School

Positive Mental Health

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(Bucholz & Scheffler, The Inclusive Classroom)

Our objective is to promote positive mental health as well as we possibly can. We strongly believe that pupils need to be resilient and mentally healthy in order to achieve their best.
As well as our permanent provision for pupils (see below), we have overseen the following developments this year:
  • ‘The shy child’ has been front and centre in planning professional development for teachers, with staff considering how best to make sure that all pupils feel a sense of belonging and encouragement in the classroom.
  • We were successful in our bid for a Child Wellbeing Practitioner (Holly Tricker) and she has been working with several boys in all Key Stages to support them with their mental wellbeing.
  • As well as a Clinical Psychologist who visits each fortnight, we have received specialist support this year from a therapist based at Croydon Drop In.
  • Trained ‘Safeguarding Ambassadors’ from the Sixth Form have taught pupils about mental health issues as part of the Year 9 PSHE programme.
  • As well as an ‘exam stress workshop’ for Years 10 and 11, we have held a ‘child anxiety workshop’ for Year 7 parents, with both events led by the Child Wellbeing Practitioner.
  • Wednesday, 15 May: ‘The Mental Health of Academically Able Children’ conference held at the school, with visiting speakers from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and delegates from schools across London and the South East.
The Friends and Discover programmes continue to run successfully in Key Stages 3 and 5, while the school nurse (Sara Yanbolu) supports pupils who are worried about their mental health, complementing the work of the school counsellor (Monika Mizzi).
It is form tutors on the front line who are best placed to spot changes in behaviour that might indicate that a pupil has a problem and they will bring issues promptly to the attention of the Head of Year or Pupil Support Manager. Parents should contact their son’s Head of Year if they ever want to discuss mental health or any other wellbeing issue.

Several members of staff have received formal training in Mental Health First Aid, including Angela Woods, our Primary First Aider.
Any member of the school community who feels that we could do more to support the boys and promote positive mental health is welcome to share their ideas, either as part of the QIA process or informally via a chat with a member of school staff.

Download: Mental Health Information Evening presentation