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Responding to a changing curriculum
The new specifications include broader and often more challenging concepts which need to be accessed by all. Our CPD therefore needs to have a greater focus on subject knowledge and lesson-planning for longer term learning.

We are therefore increasing department training time during 2017-18, developing subject-specific pedagogy under the expert leadership of the Head of Department. All Heads of Department receive training in facilitating high quality CPD.

Teaching and Learning Mentor for new staff
Professional development of all new staff (regardless of experience) is coordinated throughout the first year by an experienced Teaching and Learning Mentor. One-to-one discussions about classroom practice are planned on a fortnightly basis in tandem with a programme of developmental observations.

Sharing Teaching and Learning Excellence
Maintaining a culture of Teaching and Learning development relies upon engendering a genuine interest in classroom practice. As well as our CPD programme requiring all staff to share their practice in some way and to engage in Action Research, we also encourage members of staff to share good practice by opening the doors to their classroom for those in other departments.

Supporting New Middle Leaders
Any member of staff taking on a middle leadership role will receive support, guidance and, perhaps most importantly, a sounding board for ideas. New Heads of Department are allocated an experienced mentor.

Aspiring Middle and Senior Leaders
We are proud that so many of our staff have gone on to become middle and senior leaders within the school and beyond. As well as sessions focusing on how to prepare for a middle leadership interview, we also offer a programme for aspiring senior leaders, Developing a Whole School Mindset, involving problem solving exercises that mirror the challenges faced by school leadership teams.
Parents and pupils rightly expect consistently outstanding teaching at Wilson’s and so continuing professional development (CPD) is at the heart of our school calendar and routines for teachers. Teachers receive regular feedback on their teaching, via developmental lesson observations and conversations about pupils’ work. There are also structured opportunities for teachers to review their own practice.

We strive to develop a culture of discussion and debate about teaching, presenting teachers with difficult questions in CPD sessions and challenging dialogues when feeding back on lesson observations! We take a highly personalised approach to match each teacher’s expertise and enthusiasm with suitable training, and the CPD programme continues to respond to the views and priorities of staff as expressed in annual whole-staff review meetings. Evaluating the impact of professional development and pedagogical approaches is core to our approach and all teachers are given an insight into high quality classroom research methodology.

We are always delighted to answer any questions about our approach to CPD.
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